North American Spring Tool Moves into Larger Space to Meet Customer Needs

The spring industry is expected to experience growth over the next five years according to the Wire & Spring Manufacturing – US Market Research Report published earlier this year. For the five years prior to 2018 the industry experienced modest growth due to heavy competition and low cost imports. However, the projection for the next five years is a rebound due to the rise in manufacturing and heavy industrial markets which will drive up demand for spring components and other industry products

North American Spring Tool (NAST) recently moved into a new larger space at the Sirois Tool facility to accommodate this growth. This move included new offices, and expanded inventory and manufacturing areas. The purpose for the move was to create a more efficient layout with room to grow. At NAST we strive to serve our spring manufacturer customers in the most efficient way. It is with them in mind that we focus our continuous improvement programs.

NAST provides a complete line of carbide and steel tooling for the spring industry, including special tooling in steel or carbide, along with engineering assistance, reverse engineering and salvage/rework. A world leader in tooling for the spring and wire industry, NAST gives its guarantee on all workmanship and quality assurance.